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Last updated: December 1, 2015

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Asbury Computer Club meetings are held in the Rosborough Theater on the second Wednesday of each month, at 7:15 PM, except during July and August.

The next Asbury Computer Club Meeting will be

Wednesday, December 9, 2015
at 7:15 PM in the Rosborough Theater.

Asbury Resident, Peter Maroulis, of Diamond will talk about

"How IBM's Watson won the Jeopardy prize"
Come and learn what makes Watson tick and why it is different than anything that has preceded it in the computer industry.
(see the meeting poster).



We encourage learning and the exchange of knowledge about the use of PC computers and communications through classes. special interest groups, a member Newsletter, and monthly meetings.


The AMV Computer Club facilities include the Smithey Computer Center in the Rosborough Building and the Diamond Computer Room in the 415 Building. Both facilities have high speed Internet connections, monochrome laser and color inkjet printers, scanners; and in the Smithey Center, an in-ceiling projector. The facilities are available for daily use by residents, except during classes and special interest groups (SIGs) meetings.


Asbury partners with the Jewish Council for the Aging by hosting JCA SeniorTech PC classes in our Smithey Technology Center. "Hands-on" Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 classes in a variety of topics are offered to residents and the outside community for a nominal fee. Catalogs are available in the Center.
Robert Nisbet is the JCA Training Center Coordinator at Asbury. Additionally, he serves as a technical consultant to the AMV Computer Club.


The MSIG photography group meets in the Smithey Center on the second and fourth Thursday of the month from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. The meetings serve as a forum for photgraphers who use digital techniques for the editing, presentation, and publishing of their still and motion picture images. A typical meeting includes the scheduled presentation of a subject or technique , which always leads to considerable discussion and learning by all members. For more information, contact the MSIG coordinator, John Villforth,ext 3187.


The AMV Computer Club and the Apple Corps participate in a monthly meeting in the Rosborough Building on the second Wednesday evening of each month (except July and August).


AMV Computer Club Membership is free and open to all residents with an interest in computers - from novice to expert. Registration forms are included with our Computer Club flyer, available in the Smithey Center and the Diamond Computer Room. When you register, we will add your name to our private Email distribution list to receive our Club Newsletters and other announcements.


Robert Samworth, President, AMV Computer Club and
                            Chairman, Cyber Asbury,
Tel: 301-987-6305

John Eberhard, Vice President,
Tel: 301-987-3129

Ken Rogers, Program Chairman,
Tel: 301-987-6948

Charlotte Fischer, Webmaster
Tel: 301-987-6982
Email: Charlotte.F.Fischer@Comcast.Net

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